We are an Italian Studio

Founded in 1964 by Pier Lorenzo Tomassini, Studio Tomassini is locatedĀ in a villa immersed in the Marche hills. The mission of Studio Tomassini is to plan and carry out all the tasks in harmony with their function, through the wise use of natural materials, with meticulous attention to the geometric and structural elements of the buildings. The importance of their position, orientation and historical analysis are leading aspects of their project in every field of application: from residential to commercial and industrial; from urban areas to work spaces. The goal of Studio Tomassini is to pay great attention to bioclimatic architecture, through the experience gained through specific courses and certifications achieved and also through direct experience in the field of work, applying innovative solutions for wellness and functionality of the environment, with a great aesthetic and expressive value of the plan. Thanks to the constant collaboration with reliable experts and qualified professionals, Studio Tomassini is able to manage a project from the beginning until its final realization.